Buyer details

Field name Format Description Input Output
vads_avs_result a1 Address verification system (AVS) x
vads_cust_address ans..255 Postal address x x
vads_cust_address_number ans..64 Street number x x
vads_cust_address2 ans..255 Address line 2 x x
vads_cust_cell_phone an..32 Cell phone number x x
vads_cust_city an..128 City x x
vads_cust_country a2 Country code in compliance with the ISO 3166 alpha-2 standard x x
vads_cust_district ans..127 District x x
vads_cust_email ans..150 Buyer’s e-mail address x x
vads_cust_first_name ans..63 First name x x
vads_cust_id an..63 Buyer reference on the merchant website x x
vads_cust_last_name ans..63 Last name x x
vads_cust_legal_name an..100 Buyer’s legal name x  
vads_cust_name an..127 Use vads_cust_first_name and vads_cust_last_name. x x
vads_cust_national_id ans..255 National identifier x x
vads_cust_phone an..32 Phone number x x
vads_cust_state ans..127 State / Region x x
vads_cust_status enum Status x x
vads_cust_title an..63 Buyer’s title x x
vads_cust_zip an..64 Zip code x x
vads_ext_info_bil_address_complement ans..250 Address line 2 specified for billing x  
vads_ext_info_bil_date_of_birth Datetime The buyer’s date of birth on the receipt x  
vads_ext_info_bil_gender n1 The buyer’s gender on the receipt x  
vads_ext_info_fingerprint_id string Unique session identifier x  
vads_pays_ip a2 Country code of the buyer's IP address code in the ISO 3166 alpha2 format.   x
vads_proof_of_id_number an..13 Field reserved to the entry of the buyer’s ID number on the payment page. x
vads_proof_of_id_type enum This field corresponds to the type of ID selected by the buyer. x
vads_user_info ans..255 Information about the user who made the payment.   x