Data dictionary

The data dictionary lists all the fields that can be used in a payment form.

First, is presents the main categories (such as technical information, order details, etc.). All the fields that belong to a category are presented.

These tables are presented as follows:

  • Field name: indicates the name of the parameter as it appears in the HTTP request
  • Format: data format
  • Description: description of the field
  • Input: a field to be transmitted in the request
  • Output: a field transmitted in the response

The data dictionary also presents the details for each field. Each field is presented as follows:

  • Description: description of the field
  • Format: data format (see the table List of fields and formats below)
  • Possible values: expected values when the field must be populated with specific values
  • Example: example of correct data encoding
  • Error code: in case there is a error between the merchant website and the payment gateway, the payment gateway indicates the incorrect parameter in the vads_extra_result field using a numeric code
  • Note: additional information, elaboration
  • Category: category to which the field belongs

Precisions on error codes:

An error code corresponds to the error number when an incorrect payment form is being submitted.

  • In test mode this code will be displayed on the payment page.
  • In production mode a warning e-mail will be sent specifying the error code and the name of the incorrect parameter.

Example: Error 09 corresponds to a payment amount error. The submitted amount does not respect the required format.