Making the first production payment

We recommend checking the two following points:

  • The correct end-to-end functioning of the production environment.

    To do that, make a real transaction of at least €2.

    This transaction can later be canceled via the Merchant Back Office, menu: Management > Transactions > Transactions is progress tab. This transaction will not be captured in the bank.

    However, it is recommended to let the transaction be captured at the bank in order to confirm that the merchant’s account has been credited. It will then be possible to proceed to a refund.

  • The correct functioning of the IPN URL (Instant Payment Notification URL at the end of the payment) specified in the Merchant Back Office.

    To do this, do not click Return to the shop after a payment.

    View the transaction details in the Merchant Back Office and make sure that the IPN URL status is Sent.