Offering additional payment attempts

When a payment is refused, you have the possibility to offer the buyer to make another attempt with another payment method or to re-enter their data in case of a data entry error.

The number of additional attempts can be configured via the Merchant Back Office:

  1. Go to Settings > Shop, then click on the name of the shop for which the configuration must be changed.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. Enter the authorized number of additional attempts in case of a rejected payment.

    If you configure 2 additional attempts, the buyer will be able to make 3 payment attempts in total.

  4. If you wish, you can configure an IPN that will be sent upon each rejected attempt by checking Instant Payment Notification URL on a declined attempt.
  5. Click Save.


Additional attempts are not offered:
  • If the merchant has requested to automatically return to the shop via the vads_redirect_error_timeout field,
  • If the payment is an installment payment,