Recurring payment details

Field name Format Description Input Output
vads_identifier ans..50 Unique ID (token or unique mandate reference) associated with a payment method. x x
vads_identifier_previously_registered bool Verification of the payment method uniqueness. x
vads_identifier_status enum Mandate registration status. x
vads_recurrence_number n..2 Recurrence number of the recurring payment. x
vads_recurrence_status enum Recurrence creation status. x
vads_sub_amount n..12 Amount of each installment except the ones that will be eventually defined by the vads_sub_init_amount_number. x x
vads_sub_currency n3 Numeric code of the currency to be used for the recurring payment in compliance with the ISO 4217. x x
vads_sub_desc ans..255 Rule for recurring payments to apply according to the iCalendar RFC5545 specification. x x
vads_sub_effect_date n8 Subscription start date in the UTC time zone, in YYYYMMDD format. x x
vads_sub_init_amount n..12 Amount of the first installments of the recurring payment. x x
vads_sub_init_amount_number n..3 Number of installments for which the amount vads_sub_init_amount should be applied. x x
vads_subscription ans..50 ID of the subscription ID to create. x x