Description Mandatory parameter.

Allows to verify the integrity of transmitted requests.

This value is computed:

  • by the merchant website during the payment request,
  • by the payment gateway during the response.

Input and output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format an40
Error code 00 - signature Appears if the value of this field is incorrect,

70-empty params if the field is absent or empty.

Frequent errors:

  • The fields of the form have not been encoded in UTF-8.
  • The MODE (TEST or PRODUCTION) or the key used is incorrect.
  • Line break or carriage return posted in the form.
  • Quotation marks ["] posted in the form.
  • The type of computation algorithm used is not the correct one.
  • The transmitted signature does not respect the rule of signature computation.
Category Technical details