Technical information

Field name Format Description Input Output
signature an40 Signature guaranteeing the integrity of the requests exchanged between the merchant website and the payment gateway. x x
vads_action_mode enum Acquisition mode for payment method data x x
vads_override_payment_cinematic enum Payment process to apply. Overrides the recorded value on the MID x  
vads_contrib ans..128 Name of the e-commerce solution used on the merchant website and its version number. x x
vads_ctx_mode enum Mode of interaction with the payment gateway x x
vads_extra_result n2 Risk assessment result (specific to shops that have enabled the feature). Its meaning depends on the value entered in vads_result.   x
vads_hash an64

A unique key returned only to the Instant Payment Notification (IPN).

vads_page_action enum Defines the action to be performed. x x
vads_payment_error n..3 Error codes for a declined payment.   x
vads_result n2 Return code of the requested action.   x
vads_site_id n8 Shop ID x x
vads_url_check ans..1024 URL of the page to notify at the end of payment. Overrides the value entered in the notification rules settings. x  
vads_url_check_src enum This parameter defines the source of the call to the notification URL (also called IPN URL).   x
vads_version enum Version of the exchange protocol with the payment gateway x x