The “Anticipated authorizations” service

This service allows to trigger the authorization on D-Δ (see Authorization validity period for each payment method) before the desired capture date at the bank.

In case of refusal by the issuing bank, exclusively for a non-fraud related reason, a process automatically reissues authorization requests until up to 2 days prior to the desired capture date at the bank.

The merchant may cancel the transaction or change its amount (only smaller amounts can be entered) and/or the capture date at any moment.

This process applies to:
  • recurring payments,
  • deferred payments,
  • installments, other than the first one, in case of payment in installments.

In case of refusal for fraud-related reasons, the transaction is considered as permanently rejected.

Here is a list of fraud-related reasons that do not allow authorization reruns:
Network Authorization return code Label
CB 03 Invalid acceptor
04 Keep the card
05 Do not honor
07 Keep the card, special conditions
12 Incorrect Transaction Code
13 Incorrect Transaction Amount
14 Invalid cardholder number
15 Unknown issuer
31 Unknown acquirer company ID
33 Expired card
34 Suspected fraud
41 Lost card
43 Stolen card
54 Expired card
56 Card absent from the file
57 Transaction not allowed for this cardholder
59 Transaction not allowed for this cardholder
63 Security rules unfulfilled
76 The cardholder is already blocked, the previous record has been saved
80 Contactless payment is not accepted by the issuer
81 Unsecured payment is not accepted by the issuer
82 Revocation of recurring payment for the card of a specific Merchant or for the MCC and the card
83 Revocation of all recurring payments for the card

Contact the E-Banking Merchant Support Service if you would like to enable anticipated authorizations.