Description Allows to define the entry mode of payment method details.

Input and output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format enum
Error code 60
Possible values
Value Description
EC E-commerce: Data entry on the payment page by the cardholder.
MOTO MAIL OR TELEPHONE ORDER: Entry made by an operator. Payment method details are transmitted by post or by e-mail.
CC Call center: Entry made by a call center operator.
OTHER Another sales channel. Returned output value for payments made via the Merchant Back Office, payments by file, recurring payments, proximity payments, refunds via the Shopify CMS.
Missing or empty The payment is made in e-commerce (EC) mode.

Only the EC value allows to create a transaction with 3D Secure.

The other values must only be used for distance sales, where 3D Secure is not applicable.

Category Transaction details.