Returns the list of actions performed on the transaction, following the activation of the advanced risk assessment activated in the Merchant Back Office.

When triggering multiple rules, the vads_risk_assessment_result field will consist of multiple keywords separated by a ";".



Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format ans
Possible values  
Values Description
ENABLE_3DS 3D Secure enabled.
DISABLE_3DS 3D Secure disabled.
MANUAL_VALIDATION The transaction has been created via manual validation.

The payment capture is temporarily blocked to allow the merchant to perform all the desired verification processes.

REFUSE Transaction is declined.
RUN_RISK_ANALYSIS Call for an external risk analyzer if the merchant has a contract.

Refer to the description of the vads_risk_analysis_result field to identify the list of possible values and their description.

INFORM A warning message appears.

The Merchant is notified that a potential problem has been identified.

The Merchant is informed via one or several notification center rules (IPN, e-mail or SMS).

Category Transaction details