Transaction sequence number.

Case of single payment (vads_payment_config=SINGLE)

vads_sequence_number is populated with 1 in case of single payment.

However, if the merchant has authorized several payment attempts after a rejected payment, the sequence number will be incremented upon each new attempt.

The number of additional attempts after a rejected payment can be configured via the Merchant Back Office (menu Settings > Shop > Configuration).

If vads_payment_config = SINGLE:
vads_url_check_src vads_sequence_number Description
PAY 1 Payment made in 1 attempt
2 Payment made in 2 attempts
3 Payment made in 3 attempts
BATCH_AUTO 1 Deferred payment made in 1 attempt
2 Deferred payment made in 2 attempts
3 Deferred payment made in 3 attempts

Case of installment payment (vads_payment_config=MULTI)

With the application of Soft Decline, the vads_sequence_number field no longer allows to easily identify the first installment of a payment in installments.

To identify the first payment of a series, view the description of the vads_occurrence_type field.

Case of a cascading payment (vads_card_brand=MULTI)

In case of a cascading payment (the cart items are paid with several payment methods), the vads_sequence_number field is always set to 0.

The vads_payment_seq field describes each transaction in a table in JSON format.

The transaction[x].sequence_number attribute takes the same values as the vads_sequence_number field, as described for the case of single payment.


The vads_sequence_number field is not returned in the response when a payment is canceled or abandoned.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Category Transaction details.