Final status of the cardholder authentication process.

Populated by the payment gateway.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format n..2

Possible values

Value Description
0 Initial status
1 Status non-applicable (global, reason not detailed)
2 Status non-applicable (integrator disabled)
3 Not an e-commerce payment
4 Payment without 3DS
5 Merchant not enrolled, 3DS unavailable
6 A technical error has occurred during 3DS authentication, 3DS unavailable
7 Cardholder not enrolled, 3DS unavailable
8 Invalid signature
9 Problem caused by the ACS
10 The 3DS authentication has been successfully completed
11 The 3DS authentication has been completed via the integrator
12 Problem caused by DS
13 Timeout when connecting to DS
15 3DS disabled
16 Payment channel not available
98 Initialization of 3DS authentication OK
99 Unknown status

* These statuses concern 3DS payments without card detail entry (payment by token).

Category Authentication of cardholder.