This field allows the merchant to transmit the URL to which the buyer will be redirected during a payment via a wallet in two steps.

This URL is used for transmitting information relative to the buyer's choice (e-mail, shipping address, payment method, etc.).

Based on these elements, the merchant can decide what to do (adjust the shipping fees, register the payment method, etc.) before allowing the buyer to finalize his or her payment.

The details will be transmitted to the merchant website via an html POST form.

Example: vads_url_post_wallet =


If the URL is inaccessible, the transaction cannot be finalized. After the payment session expires, a rejected transaction will be created. If the merchant has configured the notification rule for abandoned/canceled transactions, the merchant website will be notified about the reason of rejection via the vads_payment_error field. This field will be set to 149 indicating that the payment session has expired.

It will then become visible in the Merchant Back Office, in the Event log tab.

Input and output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format ans..1024
Error code 138
Category Redirection to the merchant website.